4 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Dress Designer

So, you’ve made an appointment with the best bridal designers in Sydney and got your girlfriends ready with that amazing wedding dress inspiration in mind. Now what? When preparing for your appointment, keep these bridal dress questions handy to help you make the best choice.

1. What factors would you consider when selecting a wedding dress for me?

Asking this doesn’t mean you are questioning the designer’s knowledge or expertise; it only helps ensure your wedding dress is in safe hands. Typically, a good designer will account for factors like your body shape, dress styles you are considering, the type of wedding you are planning, the perfect silhouette, accessories you are planning to use and your budget.

2.Can I make changes to the fabrics and patterns of the wedding gown?

If your designer has picked a dress for you, check if you can make changes to suit your body shape. Good bridal designers always provide some customisation. Often they will recommend an alteration as they have vast knowledge of fitting brides and bridal dresses. For instance, if a style or silhouette looks particularly beautiful in lace, the designer can best suggest if it will look equally amazing in silk or other fabrics.

3. Will the wedding gown be made in Australia?

If you are buying a bespoke bridal gown for your Big Day, this is an important question to ask your designer. Many reputable bridal shops in Sydney have international designers. Make sure, the gowns aren’t being shipped from overseas and are made in Australia itself. Otherwise, they may be held up in transit and you may not get them by your wedding day.

4. What is the estimated cost of the wedding gown?

There is no point in eyeing a stunning designer wedding gown with a hefty price tag if it does not fit your budget. It is important to know the price beforehand if you are looking for affordable wedding dresses.

Wrapping Up

With these questions in your mind, enjoy your shopping experience and buy the most gorgeous wedding dress you can find. If you are looking for the best bridal designers in Sydney, Brides of Beecroft is the place to be. The bridal boutique is the home to premier Australian and international designers, will have fun with you while also helping you shop for your dream wedding dress.

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