5 Ways to Encourage your children for Charity

5 Ways to Encourage your children for Charity

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Charity seems to be a difficult and difficult topic to discuss with a young child. But in fact, there are many ways not only to tell your baby about helping others but also to involve him in simple actions that can help many.

This article is about how to get children involved in charity. From theory to practice, from words to action. You can choose the method that suits you or combine several of them. The most important thing is to do it without coercion and with love.

School of good habits:

If you want to get to the bottom of the issue, start with theory. Educational materials include presentations, animations and videos, and teaching materials to help parents find the right approach to their child when talking about giving. We Charity is an organization that gathers donations to provide an effective foundation so that the underprivileged can make use of the essential resources for sustenance. We Charity is part of ME to WE, a social enterprise enabling people to do good through their everyday choices and also working towards several other noble causes guided by resources for a poverty-free future.

Books and films:

The easiest way to talk to your child about helping others is to discuss the movie and book. After all, for example, the cartoon “WALL-E” is about caring for the environment, “Incredibles” – about helping the weak, “Up” – about supporting the elderly. You can ask your child what he thinks about the cartoon characters, why he considers them good and their actions are right, and then say that everyone can become a “superhero” – do good deeds, selflessly help others.

When reading a collection of children’s stories, draw the child’s attention to the actions of the characters. It is often in fairy tales that we see vivid examples of altruism, which is always rewarded at the end. So, using vivid examples of favorite characters that will remain in the memory of the child for life, he will learn to do good step by step.


A holiday is a great occasion to show a child that gifts are pleasant not only to receive but also to give. For example, for his birthday, you can offer him something in a toy store to choose from, in addition to his gift, something for children in orphanages or small hospital patients. You can choose together, for example, a toy for the Box of Courage for a child to receive after a painful but important healing procedure. Let the joy of their own holiday complement the joy of giving, and the child will remember how good it is not only to receive but also to give.

Good tradition:

A monthly trip to an animal shelter, participation in volunteer clean-ups or charity fairs during the winter holidays is great family traditions. You can set up a charity piggy bank in your home: all family members will contribute to it from time to time, and then decide together how to use this money.

Get creative:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.”, said Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.

Think about how else you could help. Do not be afraid of non-standard solutions – a charity party, an impromptu auction among family and friends. Discuss with the parents of your child’s friends what activities would be suitable for you to do a good deed together.

Show your child that charity can be fun. For example, if he does something with his own hands, and he is good at it, the crafts can be taken to a charity store or posted on social networks with an announcement that all proceeds from the sale will go to help those in need.

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