A Practical Guide to Finding the Bridal Gown of Your Dreams

Finding The One perfect wedding dress can be an overwhelming experience. Honestly it makes little difference if you’ve been dreaming of your gown since you were 6 or you’ve never thought about it. You may feel like it’s a completely new language you’d need to decode – sheath, organza, tulle, fit-and-flare, just to mention a few.

The more dresses you try, the more confusing it becomes – a formal gorgeous one for the ceremony and something different for the reception. Whatever you choose, shopping for bridal gowns in Sydney can be a very stressful experience.

Today, I want to share this shopping guide to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams, regardless of your personal style, timeline or budget.

Keep the Season in Mind

Yes, it sounds obvious, but this is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. If you are planning your Big Day in the summer, pick a lightweight dress that accentuates your feminine figure while rendering a touch of effortless beauty. For winters, a long-sleeved maxi dress, or something you can add like a jacket can keep you warm without having to sacrifice style.

A Thorough Research Can Go a Long Way

Scour through fashion magazines, explore on Pinterest, browse bridal boutiques online or check out what celebrity brides are wearing as their bridal gowns in Sydney – do whatever it takes to get some amazing wedding dress ideas. Do you notice any themes occurring? are they all lacy, embellished or sequined? Which silhouette do you like the most? Do they have open backs? Will these styles suit you figure?

Blend a few styles to bring together a unique idea that you can discuss on your first appointment with your wedding dress designer.

What’s does Your Wedding Day look like?

Will it be a grand or an intimate reception? Are you planning to host it outdoors or indoors? Will it be a lot cooler in the evening than during the day? Determining the plan for your wedding day can play a fundamental role in choosing the kind of dress you want to wear. After all, an over-emphasised ball gown will not match the ambience of an intimate beach wedding.

Buy a Wedding Gown True to Your Size

So, you plan to shed a few pounds before the Big Day. Its best not to plan for that, I suggest a bridal sizing that is true to your current size instead of going a size smaller. After all, you can easily make a dress smaller, but making it larger ….. you don’t want to struggle to fit into that dress that is way too snug.

Finally, trust your designer for the best wedding gowns in Sydney. Pick a bridal boutique that has years of experience. Someone that can guide you with ideas tailored to fit your unique needs, to help you pick a dress that is perfect for you.