Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Step by Step

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In this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guide, you’ll learn all you would like to understand about affiliate marketing and the way you can also start making money online without having to exchange your precious time for money (as most work requires). Affiliate marketing is undeniably one of the simplest ways to make your passive income opportunity online with next to zero investment. Imagine living a lifestyle where you can make money anytime (even when you’re sleeping), travel around the world, and still getting paid for doing what you want and love doing? Those are a number of the changes that affiliate marketing has brought to provide you with.

What will you learn from this Affiliate Marketing for Beginner’s Guide? After reading this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guide, I can assure you that you will have a better understanding of how Affiliate Marketing works and how you can start your own Affiliate Marketing business.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does Affiliate Marketing work
  2. Who is Affiliate Marketing for
  3. What are the Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing
  4.  What are the requirements you need to get started in Affiliate Marketing?
  5. Can you make money in Affiliate Marketing
  6.  How much money can you make as an Affiliate Marketer?
  7. How can you get started as an Affiliate Marketer?
  8.  What are the best ways to promote Affiliate products?
  9.  Special   Tips

What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does Affiliate Marketing work

Affiliate Marketing is just a marketing method to recommend other people’s products or services to potential buyers. You get rewarded (commission) for each sale achieved from the customers or potential buyers you refer to. It’s more of performance-based marketing because it does require you to try to some level of pre-sell. Although, the tactic of your pre-sell is entirely up to you! The product owner is the vendor or merchant, while the affiliate is you. You’re generating sales for the merchandise owner in exchange for a commission that you get purchased for each sale.

NOTE:  Depending on the type of Affiliate Marketing you signed up for (Online or offline), you would indeed have an affiliate link (URL) dedicated to you or a unique referrer number (if you’re promoting offline). Your affiliate link is what the vendor/merchant will use in identifying the numbers of people you’re sending to their website as potential buyers. Also, your affiliate link is what you’ll be using to drive traffic to the vendor’s website.

Who is Affiliate Marketing for?

Affiliate Marketing is practically for anyone curious about making money online no matter your age; in the maximum amount, you’re able to learn and take the specified action. If you truly want to form capital in Affiliate marketing; then, you only need to be willing and prepared to find out how it works, and you’ll see yourself profiting from it in no time. Affiliate Marketing may be a business model that gives you endless opportunities!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing  for Beginners:

After you’ve understood what Affiliate Marketing is all about, you need to know what the Pros and Cons are. Like any other business opportunity, affiliate marketing is not exempted from some potential benefits or downsides! There is plenty of help and challenges that you will possibly come across as an Affiliate Marketer. Still, it all comes down to your ability to eliminate those problems and focus on what matters to you.


  • You don’t need much investment or capital to start your own Affiliate marketing business.
  • You can even start with as low as $100 (which includes owning your blog).
  • Affiliate marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI) if compared to other businesses. You can earn up to 80% commission on some products (primarily digital products).
  • Affiliate marketing can sometimes be a straightforward way of making money online.
  • You don’t need a product of your own to get started! Meaning; no headache of product creation.
  • You don’t need any prior knowledge before you can start learning Affiliate marketing for beginners.
  • Your income opportunities in Affiliate marketing have no limits, except the limits you put on yourself. There’re lots of Affiliate marketers making an average of $50,000 per month.


  • Affiliate Marketing is very competitive and can sometimes be quite challenging.
  •  As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have any control over the products or programs.
  • Affiliate marketing can be pretty expensive if you want immediate results.
  • Getting results in affiliate marketing can sometimes take months if you’re not ready to invest in yourself.

What are the requirements you need to get started in Affiliate Marketing?

You don’t need any requirements to get started as an affiliate marketer other than a laptop or desktop and internet connection. I often hear people saying you need a website before getting started as an Affiliate Marketer; well, that’s not true! You can start making money online as an Affiliate Marketer without owning your website or blog. All you need to do is to “Link Directly” to the offer. That means that; you link directly to the vendor’s provide through any means of advertisements. Sharing with you my personal experience; the first set of money I earned in Affiliate Marketing was through the process mentioned above (Direct Linking). It’s a very straightforward process, but the downside to this method is that it requires spending on advertising and understanding the ads platform you decide to use. More so, “Direct Linking” is not the best strategy for you in the long run. But it can be a good starting point for you to test how affiliate marketing works.

Can you make money in Affiliate Marketing?

YES, you can make money in Affiliate marketing. However, you may likely not make that much money or any money in your early days if you don’t take the time to learn affiliate marketing for beginners the proper way.

Learning affiliate marketing the right way means you’ll know what you’re doing (not an attempt to error approach). Please note: having a winning strategy in affiliate marketing does involve some level of hard work! But if you’re able to provide it your best; then, affiliate marketing can indeed cause you to more money than you’ll ever imagine! One of the great sides of affiliate marketing is that diligence is usually in your early stages. You can learn the precise process or strategy that works and begin taking advantage of automation.

Meaning; once you’ve mastered the strategy, then the rest is more on autopilot (less work – more money for you).

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How much money can you make as an Affiliate Marketer?

The amount of money you can make as an affiliate marketer is not fixed; it can range from making $100 to making $500,000 monthly (basically, it all depends on you – the value you are creating). However, many affiliate marketers are not making that much or not making any money at all. The simple truth is this; if you can’t create any value, you‘ll possibly not make any money as an affiliate marketer. My philosophy for success is that “you will only get paid in proportion to the VALUES you bring to the marketplace.” Meaning; it’s all about the VALUES you provide, and that’s why you need to keep learning and developing yourself! As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m sure there’re some affiliate marketers out there that are not making any money ($0 per month). At the same time, they’re also lots of affiliate marketers earning over $10,000 (6 figures or more) every month! My point is this; you need to put in the necessary work, commitments, and perseverance. And if all said is done, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve as an affiliate marketer!

How can you get started as an Affiliate Marketing beginner?

First and foremost, please don’t start buying or paying for any affiliate marketing-related resources at this point because there’re many FREE resources that you can start with to ascertain if affiliate marketing is for you or not!  There is no point in buying programs or tools you would not use in the end. As I always say, if you genuinely want to learn anything the right way, then you should ask someone who’s already on that path (someone who’s already doing what you want to know)! Unfortunately, we often get caught up in the so-called “Guru” (fake lifestyle)! People are running their mouths for the sake of claiming to be what they’re not. I don’t have any problem with the so-called gurus, but I have a problem with the fake self-acclaimed gurus who are misleading others in the name of making money! Anyway, back to the main point.  You can either check on Google for other related affiliate marketing beginners resources (but be careful of SCAMS). You can follow the link below to check out my RECOMMENDED affiliate marketing training program and start by registering for their FREE membership account.  It’s entirely up to you!

What are the best ways to promote Affiliate products? 

There’re many ways you’ll promote affiliate products. And my two favorites approaches are; “writing Reviews” and “writing Guides (the How-To’s contents).” Both approaches are pretty efficient, but preferably if you’ve got an internet site or blog. Both means that you simply will be providing detailed information to your audience by showing them how a product works, the advantages, and other related facts such as Pros and Cons. A good example is by writing a well-detailed product review or a guide on how a product works, which can be in the form of an article, e-book, report, video, or podcast. Don’t forget; what your audience needs is your honest opinion.

NOTE: One of the best practices to achieve integrity in this area is to ensure you try-out the products you’re promoting yourself, and then share your experience using the products (be honest with your audience). One more point I’ll wish to talk more about is that the incontrovertible fact that video marketing may be a good way to market affiliate products. The process straightforward, you’ll create a video that gives useful information a few products to the potential buyer checking out information about the merchandise. YouTube is certainly your best choice in hosting such videos.

My advice to you:

Offering sincere help is one of the best ways you can genuinely make money online or in any business.  Don’t forget, everyone would love to deal with a sincere person, and sincerity build trust! One of the keys to your success here is to create content that is useful, helpful, and interesting. Haven said all the above; please and please; be honest and truthful with your contents!

Special Tips:

If you don’t have a website or blog, you can start using the “Direct Linking” method.  After signing up with some affiliate programs, you’ll choose the affiliate products you want to promote (your offers). And then advertise the products on ads platforms like Bing-Ads by linking directly to the recommendations.

NOTE: some of the HIGHLY converting offers for “Direct Linking” are CPA offers.  CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”.  You get paid when your audience complete the required task (the action).  For example; the task can be as simple as a form submit (such as newsletter sign-up). If you’re interested in CPA offers; then you might want to check out AdWork Media.  AdWork Media is one of the best in the industry for beginners.

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