Are herbal supplements and spices complementary to one another can one substitute for the other and vice versa ??

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A spice is something which has been derived as an extract of plants which is usually extracted from leaves, stems, barks, flowers, roots etc. Spices are usually used to flavour the food though the composition of the herbal supplement and the spice may be the same; the level of concentration of vitamins and minerals differs along with the methods of preparation.

Shatavari a herb which is popularly known to enhance breast milk enhancement can be used as a flavouring agent for milk and juices while Shatavari Breat Milk as a supplement should be used at night. The methods of preparation of both are what change their inherent properties. Let us understand this through means an example, steel is non-malleable, non-ductile but when the same steel is introduced to furnaces it becomes ductile and malleable.

Thus the inherent property of the natural source of derivation changes with the method of processing in a lozenge for the concentration is more compressed whereas in a powder or a loose form the concentration is more dispersed again it is subjective to the dosage and body type of the individual.


If we keenly study the medicinal properties of spices and their application we will notice that the area of usage depended on the method of preparation. Nowadays when there are umpteen options for people to buy herbal supplements online but often they tend to get misguided because of the lack of information and awareness.

Let us understand this through means of an example, in the olden days the turmeric that was to be applied on wounds and cuts for its medicinal properties was ground under a silbatta the reason being slow grinding releases the essential oils within the spice and enhances the formation of thrombin something which is found in platelets, whereas the turmeric that was sent to bulk, kitchens, royal kitchens and domestic usage was always in powder form to facilitate easy absorption into the meat or vegetables.

Similarly, in curries, the chilli powder was used as chilli in the powder form mixed well with the other spices whereas chilli in the paste form was used for marination usually in a paste-like form to let the meat release its juices and also act as a tenderizer.


The moot point is the area of application, the dosage, and the kind of medication to be administered to a patient should be only taken after proper consultation with a physician. In nature be it spice or supplement both of them have a higher concentration of the required vitamins and minerals. Thus the physician needs to check for any allergies and follow up with routine checkups to ensure the well-being of the patient. Spices and herbal supplements are both the same yet different, it is just like saying cheese and curd are both different in properties, both being milk, both being a result of fermentation yet both being different in their way.  

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