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Quads for bodybuilding-training   

Try to do 2-4 giant sets beginning with leg extensions. Do 8 reps to failure and then the same with leg presses. Then do sissy squats to failure and then squat to failure with a weight you could normally handle for 12-15 reps. If you can do more than 8 reps with this, increase the weight.

Bodybuilding-training by Plateau

If you are having trouble breaking that weight plateau just try focusing on a body part that aids in the lift. Increase your triceps strength and your bench will follow, increase your lower back strength and your high-intensity squats will have better form. This theory can be used for almost any exercise.

Adding muscle mass or breaking a plateau could be as easy as adding intensity to your workout. Intensity comes in many forms, you can use one of the following or a combination: cut down rest between sets, Superset your exercises, add more reps, add more sets, try strength training for a few weeks (fewer reps but more sets at a higher weight), or pyramid your loads. BTW, check your diet and make sure you’re getting plenty of rest.

When reaching a plateau on a certain exercise, try dropping to 6 sets of a heavier weight for 1-3 reps for three weeks then take a week off. You’ll come back stronger.

When you hit a plateau, or your workouts get “sluggish”, the one factor that most people overlook is rest. Take five days to a week off, get eight hours of sleep a night, and then continue to sleep this long per night as you begin your workout routine again. Start it where you left off. It’s almost a guarantee that you will break the plateau without having to make any major overhaul to your workouts or diet. Rest plays a far greater factor than we sometimes give it credit.

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Use a straight bar and lighten the usual load, then stand in the normal curl position with hands out and instead of curling the bar up, you need to kind of drag the bar up the chest until you reach the top, then down the same way. After doing about 3 sets of about 15 reps you should feel cooked at the lower biceps.

Another tip, just for fun, try changing your grip from hands out to hands in, this will stress your lower biceps and your upper forearms, use the same sets and reps. I have more defined bicep bellies because of these movements, and a stronger grip. Good Luck to all.


One of the most commonly used techniques to train your biceps is to do a close grip bench. It’s preferred to use the cambered bar and to do a set of ten to all-out failure. Right after that, do a set of bench dips to failure. Set a flat bench right next to where you do your close grip bench presses, so you won’t waste any time, or allow your muscle to recover at all. After doing hitting the last couple of reps on the bench dips your arms give out.    

Another good routine technique is to use a straight bar. First, hit the triceps pushdown, do 3 sets, 8 reps of the heaviest weight you can handle – go to failure. Then try to hit the skull crushers, once again 3 X 8, and go to failure. Finally, finish off on the incline bench with the E-Z curl bar and do 3 sets of 8 reps of triceps extension. Working out your Triceps this way will push your limits to the maximum.

When performing a Narrow Grip Press down, don’t let your arms go 

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