Common Questions to Ask Before Getting Window Films Installed

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Professional glass window tinting in Sydney can have excellent benefits for your home or commercial space, including:

    • Minimising the sun’s heat and glare
    • Energy efficiency
    • Protecting the interior from harmful UV rays
    • Offering greater security and privacy
    • Accentuating the visual appeal of the space

But if you are just getting started with window tinting, you may have a lot of questions popping into your mind. So to make it simpler for you, here are some important questions to ask before you get window films installed.

Is the Window Film Transparent?

Depending on the level of privacy you want, you can choose whether to have a clear and see-through window film or a darker tint. For instance, office buildings prefer tinted glasses or choose patterns that combine the best of both worlds: aesthetics and privacy. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the outside view, go for virtually transparent window films.

If you are considering installing solar window films, they should be optically clear. So, how dark or transparent the window film should be will depend on what you want.

How Long will the Window Film Last?

When you install high-quality window films, they can last for years to come, say 20-25 years. The longevity of your window tinting in Sydney will depend on the type of film you use, exposure to weather conditions, type of window glass and precision with which the film is installed. How you care for and maintain the film after installation also plays an important role here.

Will Window Tinting Block the Sun’s Light?

No. Window films are designed to reduce the sun’s glare and heat while protecting against the ultraviolet rays. However, they do not block natural sunlight from entering your room. Working with a window tinting specialist will help you achieve the perfect shading, privacy and security without compromising abundant natural lighting.

Can Window Films be Removed?

Installing solar or privacy films isn’t a permanent window treatment. Removing your old film is easy when damaged, or you simply want to upgrade your window tinting solution. However, make sure you consult a professional to get the window films removed, or you can damage the glass or leave behind residues.


Window films come in countless varieties, sizes and shapes. Asking these essential questions to an installation specialist will help you make an informed choice about glass window tinting in Sydney.

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