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Top 5 CPA Networks for Beginners -2021 | Update July |

Are you know CPA networks for beginners? I want to discuss CPA marketing which will be very useful for you. When it comes to making money online, I have tried all the ways. I started with Google AdSense. After that, I started my CPA Journey 6 years ago. I started promoting affiliate products. But I failed to convert these products because I couldn’t get the traffic to convert.

Then I tried CPA Marketing… and quickly realized that it is the best way to monetize website traffic. I remember the very first CPA Networks that I applied was some network. I got rejected due to no experience..!! Then I started learning CPA Marketing. After getting some background, I joined 2  CPA networks that accept newbies.

Then 2nd time, I applied for some network marketplace again and got approved. After getting 1st approved AdWork Media  Account accepted, I was so happy because AdWork media is one of the best CPA Networks for beginners.

I worked with many networks and did a lot of research for this article to share the Top CPA Networks with you. 

What is a CPA network?

CPA means (Cost Per Action); in Simple words, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action is called CPA Marketing or Cost Per Action Marketing.

CPA Networks are the best way to make money online. Some CPA Marketers are making Millions of dollars from CPA Marketing Networks every month.

Many CPA marketing companies are providing the best solution to earn money with CPA Offers.

When it comes to making money online from CPA websites, then there are thousands of networks. It is tough to choose which CPA network is best for your website. But in this article, we will share with you Top CPA Networks and everything you need to know about these Networks.

If your website is getting good traffic and you are not getting leads and sales. Then you should monetize your site with CPC Ad Networks. These Ad Networks can help you to earn money by placing 3rd party ads on your website. But make sure your website must have good traffic to join these networks. If your website does not have good traffic, then you can join Ad Networks for small publishers.

There are a lot of CPA Marketing Networks, but today I am going to share with you the Top 10 Best CPA Networks for beginners- 2021

Fast Burn Extreme

What are CPA networks for beginners?

Best CPA Networks for Beginners in 2021:

Here is the list of the top 5 best CPA Networks for beginners for publishers and advertisers to join in 2021.

Fire Ads:
AdWork Media:

AdSense Media:
CPA Trend:

01. CPALead:

CPA Networks for beginners


CPALead Details the best CPA networks for beginners :

Company Name: CPALead
Offer Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, PPC Offers, Banner Ads, Pop-under ads, and Content lockers.
Minimum Payment: $1
Payment Frequency: Daily Payments
Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, ACH, and Bitcoin.

CPALead is a direct-to-the-source CPA & CPI network that pays all publishers on a daily schedule. According to Inc.500, CPAlead has been recognized as the 40th fastest growing company in the world.

Best opportunity :

It provides the best option for advertisers and publishers to expand their marketing skills in the vast marketing industry. It provides an integrated platform to the marketers and the affiliates, giving them the ideas to generate highly targeted advertisements and improve the conversion rates by highly proprietary marketing solutions. CPALead believes that business grows with an increase in the growth of the targeted audience.

This is the Best CPA Network for Beginners. The reason why I love this network is you don’t need to wait for account approval. All you have to do is create an account, and after creating an account, you can log in and start making money.

Suppose you are a website owner and receiving the right amount of traffic. In that case, CPALead provides banner ads, native ads, interstitial, pop-under, pop-up, content locking, and other niche tools to monetize your website traffic. Another good thing about CPALead is they are now providing Daily payouts as well. It is the only CPA network that pays daily. But for daily payouts, they have limited offers.

It has a supported team available throughout the week, 24 hours a day, which helps you enhance your talent, experience, and technical skills so you can grow your business in less time with the help of a product affiliate crossing team. CPALead is our recommended CPA Network for publishers and advertisers.CPA Networks for beginners


Mobidea is a leading Mobile CPA Network. It’s an award-winning mobile CPA network that has specialized in mobile offers for CPA marketers. It’s one of the best CPA  Networks that’s charged with technology and education. As of now, Mobidea is working with over 130k CPAs. It’s primarily focused on CPA Advertising. Mobidea helps you (the affiliates) to fully develop your fantastic potential so that you can lead a financially independent lifestyle.

CPA Networks for beginners

You got to know that Mobidea comes as a leading CPA Affiliate Network which specializes in mobile offers. It sets out with the mission to negotiate the best mobile offers with premium advertisers. Mobidea has set standards for CPA payments. It offers personalized support and account management.

CPA can look out for weekly payments, cashed out with Paypal, ePayments, Paxum, FirstchoicePay, and Wire Transfers. It offers all the capabilities of a tracker within the Mobidea Network. Plus, there’s 7/7 support every day to get the best advice for any of your issues. Its advanced algorithm selects the top converting offers for you.

CPA Networks for beginners

03. AdWorkMedia

If you are looking for a CPA Affiliate Network with a global reach, then you have a superb solution in the form of AdWorkMedia. It is a CPA Affiliate Network of repute.

CPA Networks for beginners


Finally, an honest CPAGrip Review! Back in the early days, one of the ways I used to make money online was by locking content. First, let’s start with CPAGrip; we will go ahead and assume you know what CPA is since you’re here.  CPAGrip is an affiliate network that offers some of the best PPD and CPA offers out on the market today. It has these various offers that you can advertise and make money from.

CPA Networks for beginners

Why Would You Use CPAGrip?

CPA Networks for beginners

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, CPAGrip is worth checking out. There are many things offered by CPAGrip’s publishers as well. And, items such as high-paying offers are certainly in abundance here. We honestly wouldn’t be writing this CPAGrip review if we didn’t like the platform. There are so many CPA locking software out there!

They have over 2000 active campaigns with multiple payment methods and quick payments. They have a great referral program that lends itself well to the industry and market of affiliate marketing.

It has a quick and easy sign-up option that doesn’t take forever or is so overly complicated your referral decides to give up either. If you ask the staff, they will generally push through an application too.

Monetization Tools of CPA networks for beginners:

It offers five different monetization tools as well.  These tools are Virtual Currency, Offer Walls, Video Lockers, Content Lockers, and URL and Download Lockers. Virtual Currency is available for the publishers to set up on their terms.

How To Get Paid With CPAGrip There are three ways to get paid with CPAGrip. However, they do have a $50 minimum. The three ways are Paypal, Payoneer, and ACH, and it uses CPL, CPS, and CPA as revenue models to pay all its users.  CPAGrip offers referral programs, as most affiliate offer programs do, and that is 5% for life.

CPA Networks for beginners

05. Market Health

Selling health and beauty products is one of the best businesses to get into nowadays. If you are just getting started, it’s a lot easier to leverage from preexisting brands than trying to create your own. Inside this Market Health Affiliate Network review, we’ll see what’s lucrative, the pros and the cons in joining this program, so you can get a good idea of how to go about this venture.

Market Health At a Glance

CPA Networks for beginners

Market Health is a network that offers various high-demand health, beauty, and fitness products through affiliate marketing. It was established way back in 1998 and has about 190+ offers (at the point of writing this review) across the following subcategories;

  • Colon Health
  • Cosmetics
  • General Health Products
  • Health and Beauty Stores
  • Men’s Health
  • Pet Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Skin Care
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Weight Loss Products
  • Women’s Health and Beauty

You can either earn through CPS (cost per sale) and CPA (cost per action) for each category. Most CPS offers 50% in sales commissions, while the CPA provides between $40 to $45. If you can refer more than 20 sales per day, you are entitled to a higher payout. The network pays twice a month with a minimum of $20 via check.

As an affiliate, you’ll have your dashboard to monitor click performance, conversion, and referral rates. You will also get access to a bunch of banners and landing pages to be used for online promotions.

How Do You Make Money from Market Health?

While it isn’t stated in the application, a website is required to promote the products effectively. I discovered this in the FAQ section that states;

If you haven’t got a website already, I highly recommend using a self-hosted one. They look professional, easy to customize, and put you in charge of different marketing campaigns. Don’t believe me? Use the tool below to create one for free.

CPA Networks for beginners


I am SAIFUR RAHMAN Internet marketer with over 5+ years experience in traffic generation.

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