Do you know why your AC Stinks in Summer?

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Having a cool relief in the summer time is a big blessing to any household. The consistent services rendered by the AC unit is one of the most effective things that you should be thankful in the summer time. But when your cooling machine smells unpleasant and you couldn’t stand near to it, then it is an alarming signal to take very good care of it.

But before that you should know that why your air conditioner smells so bad or unpleasant, what are the reasons behind it? So, if you really want to know, then let’s get started as AC repair North Miami service has mentioned the reasons behind the unpleasant smells from the AC unit here in this blog.

If the AC System Smells like Feet

When you sense the smell of stinky socks or feet, then maybe your air conditioner is clogged with dirt or dust. The odour coming from the machine is typically because of the water that is not draining properly. So when the water starts getting stagnated, then it starts smelling bad. With a thorough professional cleaning, all this can be gone and the system starts smelling good.

If the AC System Smells like Exhaust Fumes

The air conditioning machine is not powered with gas, so this exhaust fumes smell will not come from it. But still when you sense that there is an exhaust fumes smell, then it is probably due to the fluids in the engine or in other parts which leak out. This in turn causes the exhaust fumes smell. Fixing it can only be done by calling a professional.

If the AC System Smells like Gun Powder

Now this type of smell comes when the AC unit’s fan or circuit board go off, then the cooling machine emits that of a burning smell which is much familiar to a gun powder. So this type of smell causes irritation to the house members. So if you really want to remove this smell, then you should clean the AC unit properly so that it can function in a consistent manner. The best way is to call an expert to fix it up.

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