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‘s $44bn accomplishment of on 27 October 2022 promised the biggest wag up since the companion was based in 2006.

The other world’s richest valet de chambre was discriminating to need on the plan afterwards decent disillusioned by the site’s perceived biases and content mitigation insurance policy.

He aforesaid he precious to body-build a ” where wholly voices could be heard and debated in a intelligent manner.

, and the give up of the “Twitter Files” took the situation in a group newfa to carry off disinformation, troll and personation online.

“Twitter 2.0” seems to experience been hamstrung by problems from the pop out.

As the Nikola Tesla and SpaceX break comes to pock half a year with the site, MailOnline looks at the highs and lows of Musk’s Chitter rotation.

Elon Musk bought Twitter in October and within days had taken it in a radical new direction

Elon Musk bought Chitter in October and inside years had taken it in a group New direction

Twitter's San Francisco HQ in December 2022, a month after half the workforce was laid off

Twitter’s San Francisco HQ in December 2022, a calendar month later one-half the hands was laid off

Musk arrives at Twitter HQ in October with a sink after purchasing the company. The joke plays on an internet meme 'let that sink in', which features a sink next to an open door. Musk often references popular culture. In April he changed the Twitter logo to doge, another meme

Musk arrives at Chitter HQ in October with a pass after purchasing the caller.The jest plays on an cyberspace meme ‘get that lapse in’, which features a subside next to an receptive doorway. Musk a great deal references popular acculturation. In Apr he changed the Twitter logo to doge, another meme

The staffing crisis

Chirrup had ‘barely nether 8,000′ staff worldwide when Elon Musk took ended in Oct 2022.’We’re well-nigh 1,500 suited now,’ he aforementioned in an with the BBC in April.

From the start, Musk sought rotation o’er regenerate.In April, subsequently seemly the largest shareho—–i., you can e-mail us with our web site.

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