Functions of Evaporator & Condenser Coils in HVAC Machines

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We all know that HVAC systems provide a warm indoor environment in the winter months and artificial cooling in the summer months. Hence, HVAC systems certainly are one of the most important appliances that we use in our daily life. However, air-conditioning systems often require HVAC repair Coral Springs services at regular intervals in order to work efficiently.

No matter which brand’s HVAC system you are using in your home, there are always two different types of coils present in the machine which are crucial for any air-conditioning system to control the indoor temperature. One is the evaporator coil and the other is the condenser coil, and both these coils play an important role in providing the desired temperature in your home. You should immediately hire HVAC repair Coral Springs services whenever you find anything wrong with any of these coils. Continue reading this blog to find out what are the main functions of evaporator and condenser coils.

  • Evaporator Coils: Air-conditioning systems control the indoor temperature by transferring the heat from one end to another, and the evaporator coil plays an important role in this. Making it simple for you, the main function of the evaporator coil is to help the refrigerant absorb the heat present in the surrounding atmosphere. A thick dust layer over evaporator coils can make it difficult for an air conditioner to perform the heat-transfer process. Taking this into consideration, it’s important to keep the evaporator coils dust-free for maintaining uninterrupted heat transfer. If you don’t have the required expertise, then it’s better to call an expert for this.

  • Condenser Coils: Unlike evaporator coils, the role of the condenser coil is to help the refrigerant release the absorbed heat. During the summer months, the indoor heat is released into the outdoor environment, while the cycle is reversed during the winter months. So, just like evaporator coils, the condenser coil also needs to be kept clean as much as possible. On this note, both the evaporator and condenser coils are important for HVAC systems. Therefore, it is advised that you should not let the dust particles collect on any of these coils.

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