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Get free GiftCards are the fastest-growing tack of payment sweeping the world. With so multitudinous benefits over traditional testimony systems, there’s no wonder … …

Until now it has been ticklish and pricey to execute a GiftCard system for your organization in New Zealand.

You would have had to take pricey software and still have the challenges of administration your nature.

With Giftworks ™ – The gift Card is easy, cost-effective, and works through the Eft-Pos system.

Now you can vend your own Gift Cards, published with your business information just the way you want them. Easy activation, perturbationfree security, complete disposition, and record-keeping give you everything you need, hassle-free, at an affordable price.

You can have a GiftCard working for you fast.

Look at the Information
Stored value minus cards operate successfully in overseas requests.E.g. US, Hong Kong
. • In 2003 consumers increased their average# of cards took to5.6 versus4.6 in 2002.
• These cards are growing in the US at a really fast rate
• 68 of women surveyed used gift cards as a primary gift.
• To date, resemblant cards in New Zealand have generally been limited to Telephony use.
Purchases and receivers rate gift cards9/10 in terms of overall satisfaction.
• New Zealanders are known for their retirement of new technology and ideas.
• The growth rate for-loading gift cards have grown from 20-42
• Twice as multiplex Americans copped a gift card in 2003 versus 2002.
About 10 of the population in the US is ‘ unbanked ’ – they don’t hold accounts at dollars-and-cents institutions but want the buying ease of plastic.
* Source Value Link Study 2003, Washington Post


Increased Earnings& Cash overflow
Gift Cards bring additional earnings for the company because there’s no need to repay the unspent value in cash or lesser designation substantiations – the unspent value stays on the card for posterior purchases, this results in either nowise spent values ( bore to as breakage) or part Gift Card and part cash purchases for the residual.
Gift Cards aren’t started until the time of purchase, so until started are no-good. Paramount traditional substantiations are live and necessitate purchase by the trader retailer upfront, so Gift Cards don’t drain cash inpouring.

It’s universally accepted by retailers that fraudulent evidence redeemed is fair ineludible and now considered a cost of business.

When fraudulent evidence have been redeemed it’s further after the trades process that this is discovered, hence too late or if probed, they’re hourly presented by genuine clients who have inadvertently entered fraudulent evidence. In this exemplification, it’s desirable to redeem the evidence rather than disturb genuine clients. Conversely, the cost of researching fraudulent testimonials outweighs the value of the trade.

With the intricacy of digital scanning and printing technologies, it’s thorny to fraud proof traditional testimonials.

The process of making traditional testimonials, now signify how occupied the suppliers, has plethora of room for traditional genuine testimonials to escape into the request fraudulently.

Fraudulent use can be excluded with Gift Cards – The cards are chaffy until actuated, stolen or unaccounted for cards can be cancelled. All deals can be reported and traced immediately and freely.
The cards themselves have a unique number range for each card type, this has to be actuated by the Eft pos network and is only cranked to the apropos traders stops for each card range. The balance on the cards is managed at “ The Host ”, not held on the cards. Each trade sends the data to “ the host ” for verification that the “ card account ” has enough credit for the sale. If not the sale is declined at Point of Purchase. This is the same process as credit card or eft pos purchases.

Brand Recognition& Marketing Vehicle.              Get $1000 Mastercard Gift Card
GiftCards are an excellent vehicle for brand recognition, and marketing tool. The competence to manage GiftCard programmes that are flexible and advancement specific is a unique affection of The GiftWorks system.
Nowise anteriorly has this capability been so accessible to the New Zealand call.

GiftCards command carry-on real estate and are a heavy boost to inform at the store, one of the countable marketing mediums that are equal to drive clients in the door and is fully measurable – yea to a particular elevation. GiftCards aren’t just a form of currency with the GiftWorks system, but the single most influential and cost-effective marketing tool your organisation can apply.

Reduced Costs
Gift card sales are reused electronically, which provides better hounding and greatly reduces the functional disbursement that’s presently associated with paper certifications.

Traditional corroboration systems are normally cognate to the account comp process.
It’s universally accepted that traditional account comp costs organisations fair between$ 25 and$ 75 per account.

So it can be accepted that traditional substantiation processing costs between$ 10 and$ 30 conservatively.

Consider the following map illustrating the typical process involved in getting through to retailing a traditional substantiation, for a multi trader organisation.

Gift Card Process

The traders don’t pay for the value of Gift Cards, the merchandiser is paid for the Gift Card value by the consumer, the contract process is automated and occurs after the sale.      Get a $1000 Paypal Gift Card

There’s no détente process demanded by merchandisers or head office


It’s ticklish to publish accurate, timely reports with traditional testimony systems. This function hourly can not be carried out until after a cut off period and all reconcilement administration completed.
It isn’t uncommon for organisations to have limited knowledge of their echelon of exposure to traditional witnesses in the request at any time.
Gift Card reporting is on line and real time, so the traffickers and head office have access to reports at all times,
As the system is exhaustively automated, the data is immediately transmitted to the deal cynosure and the organisation can now know exactly what their exposure is at all times.        Get a $1000 Mastercard Gift Card!
Traditional Voucher Giftcard testament system

Trades Process Cost$ 20-$ 60 per testament to be recovered and coordinated.

Traders normally pay for value of substantiations upfront. Cost trade price, to be triggered, recycled, and keyed
. No up frontward on the value of validations.

Redemption Cost$ 10-$ 40 per validation to be recycled and keyed
Cost small trade price

Residual Value
If not entire value expended Change wanted further subordinate nomenclature validations or cash.
To be recovered and coordinated.
No change given, residual remains as credit on the gift card.

Exposure Thorny to maintain lucency of situation of exposure
Situation of exposure fully transparent at all times

Fraudulent Use Catchy to ban fraudulent attestations and fraudulent use of attestations.
Fraudulent use and fraudulent cards are banned

Reporting Directorial function, available after accords.
On line, real time reporting of all conditioning.

Single Branch GiftCard

Notwithstanding, with Eft-Pos Easy GiftCard, is designed for you, If you’re a One off retailer.

You need an EMV biddable multi acquirer call-up Eft-Pos station.

We acquire your own ISO/ IIN (International International Identification Number) card range, this means that your gift card number range is specific to you.

Your Eft-Pos provider loads the GiftCard card range and the route to our Giftworks Central Host system

We load your GiftCard range and trafficker details into the Giftworks Central Host system

Your substantiated seductive stripe gift cards are published

And you’re ready to go.
Get $1000 Mastercard Gift Card

How Does Easy GiftCard Work

A punter purchases a GiftCard from you

You swipe the GiftCard through your Eft-Pos terminal and use the refund button to load the volume

The trade is diverted to our Giftworks Central host and the GiftCard is triggered.

The Eft-Pos terminal prints a fee including the balance of the GiftCard

You can get disposition information on the GiftCard trades daily through your Eft-Pos terminal just like the other card types

You can also check reports online through our web locale-these will show you all of your GiftCard conditioning and how earth-shattering and legion are outstanding.

How earth-shattering does Easy GiftCard cost?

Because there are several variables involved, it’s necessary for us to gather some information from you before we can advise the cost of your Easy GiftCard system.

Please complete the questionnaire and submit it, we will reach you within 48 hours.


Why gift cards for Multi Branch

Multi Branch Gift Card systems are now easy to enforce and manage thanks to e// volutionE-Business Ltd ’s Giftworks Host System.

The GiftCard system is an end to end result utilising the card florilegium on your Point of Transaction system, this can be
Ring up Eft-Pos terminal (EMV EMV obedient)
Integrated POS
Non-Integrated PC POS

The GiftCard system is designed to be configured for your particular needfuls within your technology.


The Giftworks card system can be operated by one of two tacks.

1. Acquiring the Giftcard trade directly into the Giftworks Host using the living Eft terminal and Eft-pos technology framing. Requires a Multi Acquirer terminal.

Issuing and use of card
This is a “ pecuniary trade ” that requires on- line authorization to ensure that resources are available, and to streamline and maintain the Host balance.

2. Acquiring the Giftcard trade directly into the Giftworks Host using e// volution ’s pc predicated front-end Java Usage – Loyaltyworks.

The GiftWorks system includes deals between branches, this functionality eliminates the need for any administration of the system by your organization.

Tradesman Reporting
The system enables full tradesman reporting for all trades and translucence to exposure at all times.

Brand Recognition& Marketing Vehicle.
GiftCards are an excellent vehicle for brand recognition, and marketing tools. The competence to manage GiftCard programs that are flexible and preferment specific is a unique note of The GiftWorks system.
Nowise anteriorly has this competence been so accessible to the New Zealand demand.

GiftCards command holdall real estate and are a potent momentum to protect at the store, one of the countless marketing mediums that are fit to drive guests in the door and is fully measurable – yea to a particular preferment. GiftCards aren’t just a form of currency with the GiftWorks system, but the single most potent and cost-effective marketing tool your organization can enforce.     Get a $1000 Mastercard Gift Card!

Two ways to issue cards
Gift cards are hourly issued with a bone value published on the face of the card. Notwithstanding, it’s also possible to let the consumer decide how meaningful to put on the card at the time that the card is issued.

Disposable or Rechargeable
Disposable cards may not be re-used after the value on the card is depleted. Rechargeable cards may be used like apre-paid incommodity cards. Consumers may add value to a rechargeable card as hourly as they like.
Other rigidity
We believe that you should control exactly how your gift card program will work. Options include
Expiration date or no expiration
Maximum bone volume
Swiftness limit
Card substitute option
Flexible wherewithal understanding

To find out more about executing a GiftCard System, please complete the following form and submit it. You’ll be reached by one of our counsels within 48 hours.


Q How are trades authorized?
The trade is routed from the POS terminal to the host database; where it’s recycled rested upon the card number and trafficker identification. An OK or denial passed back to the trafficker rested on the card’s status and its available balance. It’s really such to the authorization process used for credit and strike processing present.

Q How are trades settled?
A Gift Cards understanding process is also exhaustively automated and includes hostilities. There are numerous variations on disposition process, resemblant as  Get a $1000 Paypal Gift Card

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