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Why do graduate freshers prefer Government exams over others?

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Done with the graduation? Seeking a job in the government sector? Great! Attractive salary package, job security, less workload, perks along with several allowances, the government sector is the top choice of youth. That’s the reason the competition for getting Punjab Government exams for jobs is increasing at an alarming rate. Almost everyone preferred government-based jobs as compared to private ones. 

Government sector jobs have tremendous advantages. Although you are a graduate or postgraduate, experienced or inexperienced, you can begin preparing for the government exams. If your graduation is over but some confusing thoughts are running in your mind regarding the right career choice, the government sector can be the best zone for a better future. 

Top Benefits to clear Government Exam

  • Fixed working hours 

There are fixed working hours in government jobs. If your job duty timing is 9 am to 6 pm then you are responsible to work this shift only. On the other hand, instead of fixed working timings in the private sector, sometimes an employee has to do the overtime without getting the additional advantage. 

  • Job security 

The most extensive benefit of the government sector is job security. There is less chance that a person loses their job until there’s a major cause. If you are freshly graduated and go for a private job you will hardly get a good salary package. Job security is also not there if you would make mistakes or break any standard rule of the organization or occur any minor mistake which makes you upset then there is a chance of losing your job. Contrarily, government jobs offer lifelong job security with many monetary benefits. Moreover, a person gets a fixed pension after the particular age limit. 

  • High salary 

Government offers a high salary package to the selected candidates. When you are done with the graduation and have no experience in any field then the company will hire you at the lower package than the experienced candidates. On the contrary, after cracking the government exams, a candidate is placed in a respectable position with an excellent pay rate. For an instance; The basic salary of the SSC CGL qualified aspirates ranges between 25,500-81,100. Rs 29,200-92,300. It depends upon the job profile. 

SSC CGL refers to the Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level Examination. It is also known as SSC. This exam is taken to recruit the staff to various government positions at the ministry, department, and organization level. To get more depth knowledge in this regard, you can link with the SSC CGL Coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Additional Benefits and perks 

Government jobs bring so many employee benefits and attractive perks. It consists of traveling allowance, medical allowance, house rent allowances, child care, concession over benefits loans, retirement perks, medical benefits, children education benefits, insurance schemes, corporate discounts, paid leaves, bonus, festival gifts, paid travel, and much more. These allowances and perks are given to the government based on their job profile and designation. The bonus or allowance of the railway engineers is different from the employees of the Navy. 

  • Pension

The most likable thing about Punjab Govt Jobs is the pension scheme. Once a candidate has crossed the particular age limit suppose 60 to 65 (Depends upon the job sector or designation), then a retired person can avail of the pension. A particular amount of pension is provided to the retired person after a short while for their survival. 

  • Job promotion & job increment 

In the private sector, freshers hardly get a chance of promotion or the right amount of increment due to the influence of their seniors. Conversely, a fixed or variable rate of increment is given to the hired candidate every year. It is already stated in the notification of government exams. After a particular period, an employee is promoted to the higher departments or senior-level positions. The promotion of the government sector is also done through exams. Once you complete the particular time within the organization, then you can apply for the next job profile by clearing the further government exams. 

  • Respect and social acceptance 

Due to your job profile and power, you will get respect and social acceptance. For an instance, IPS and IAS jobs are the most respectable job profiles in India. Apart from it, defense services jobs, SSC, railway engineers, scientists, or engineers in ISRO are also the most top-paid jobs and reputable positions throughout the world. 

Government exams are uneasy to clear but it is possible. Many students crack at their first attempt whereas some take time. But, if you begin to practice from day one under the assistance of professionals, then you will successfully clear the test. Being a graduate you may have less knowledge so do not be anxious but ask help or assistance from the SSC Cgl Coaching in Chandigarh.


Hence, these are some great advantages of the government exams why graduate freshers choose to prepare for it and want to work in this sector. If you want to shine in your future and get a respectable place in society then you must go with the government jobs. 

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