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How to Get SiriusXM—Without a Car

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Subscribing to SiriusXM’s satellite radio platform previously required a compatible car stereo. Even accessing channels through devices like Alexa speakers or streaming boxes was an option only available to those with the car-based subscription. However, that’s not the case because of SiriusXM’s new in-home and mobile streaming plans, which don’t require you to have a car in the least.

online earningThe new Essentials plan usually is $8 per month, but you can get a 90-day test run for just $1. The package includes over 200 SiriusXM channels, spanning the service’s entire selection of music channels and several channels for news, sports, and comedy. Subscribers will be able to stream these channels through an app on their smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as in-home hardware like smart TVs, video game consoles, and smart speakers.

Ironically, the Essentials plan cuts out a couple of pieces of programming that became “essential” to SiriusXM’s platform, specifically Howard Stern’s shows, and therefore the NBA, NCAA, and NHL sports channels. That content will be exclusive to a $13 Premium plan that’s planned to launch in mid-May.

It’ll be interesting to ascertain how SiriusXM will fare against Spotify, Amazon Music, or maybe YouTube Music (not to say the SiriusXM-owned service, Pandora). Still, with so much exclusive content on SiriusXM, it’s almost hard to match them equally. Either way, SiriusXM is finally freed from its automotive constraints, and we’re pretty stoked about that.

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