My Internet with Phone and TV

Should I Bundle My Internet with Phone and TV?

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The widespread availability of the internet has brought much comfort and convenience. Broadband services powered by plans like Cox Internet plans have bolstered communication. It is hard to imagine a world without the internet and tech tools.

No matter whether you’re a single user or a large business, you need a reliable internet connection. Having a good internet connection is important to make the most out of your everyday experience. If you’re looking for a new internet connection, you’ve come to the right place.

However, switching to a new internet service provider can be tricky. You have to consider several factors such as the provider’s availability, your internet requirements, etc. Before we discuss what type of internet deal works best, let’s look at the four main types of internet connections.

What Are the Four Types of Internet Connections?


Satellite internet is one of the major types of internet connections available worldwide. It is powered by satellites orbiting the planet. Satellite internet is common in rural areas and remote locations. It provides limited speeds and is expensive compared to the other types of broadband connections.


DSL or digital subscriber line is one of the most popular types of broadband connections. It is affordable and reliable. DSL internet is available in most parts of the world. It provides decent upload and download speeds. DSL internet is great for users that aren’t too heavy on the internet.


The arrival of cable companies led to the emergence of the cable internet. Most service providers in the United States offer cable internet solutions. Though cable internet is faster than satellite and DSL, it is not reliable especially during peak usage hours.


Fiber internet is one of the faster types of internet connections in the world today. It is extremely fast. Fiber optics can transmit at 70% of the speed of light. However, fiber internet has limited availability and is pretty expensive compared to the rest of the internet connections.

How to Get a Good Internet Provider?

Know Your Internet Requirements

Knowing what type of internet connection you need is crucial to getting the right ISP. If you are a student, you can get DSL internet at affordable rates. On the contrary, if you live with your family members, you will need a high-speed internet connection.

Look for Download and Upload Speeds

Again, this comes down to your internet usage and requirements. Internet heavy users need high-speed and reliable internet. Fiber internet works best for hardcore gamers and content creators. This type of internet connection can provide 940 Mbps (megabits per second) of speeds. On the contrary, if you need internet for browsing and streaming, a good DSL internet can get the job done.

Check for Local Availability

There’s no denying that the United States is a big market for service providers. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get all services in one place. You may get DSL and cable but not fiber. So, it is advisable to look for your local internet service providers. You can enter your zip code on the internet to see which service providers are operating in your area.

Determine the Price

Of course, you cannot expect to get free internet. However, you can get internet at affordable rates. Many providers offer internet solutions at subsidized rates. You can look for these service providers on the internet. Also, if you’re a student, go for the provider that offers student packages.

Shop Around

It is important to compare the prices and services of different services providers. Services vary by provider. Shopping around is key to knowing your options. Look for companies that provide the best possible services at competitive prices.

Should I Go for a Customized Bundle Package?

Bundle packages provide great value for money. You can get a telephone and internet or TV and internet for the price of one. Many companies have three-in-one packages for users. The three-in-one offer means that you get internet, cable TV, and telephone for the price of one. Some internet providers allow customers to customize their bundle packages.

Of course, having a customized bundle package comes with several benefits. The number benefit is that you get to choose what type of services you want. Also, you can see whether the rates are affordable. The best part about a customized bundle package is that it offers your greater flexibility and more control over your internet solutions.

So, instead of paying for each service, get all for the price of one. You can choose the internet plan you want, choose from a solid lineup of channels, and get international roaming. Google different broadband companies to see their line of customized products and services.

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