Is April the Right Month for Refrigerant Refilling in Your AC?

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Do you know how an air conditioner actually functions and delivers the desired temperature in your home? It is done with the help of a heat-transfer process, which is also known as air-conditioning cycle. Basically, it is a process in which the heat present in a specific room or hall is absorbed by a chemical compound called the refrigerant, which is then released into the outdoor atmosphere. This process continuously goes on until the indoor temperature reaches the desired level. So, there’s one thing you can now be sure about your air conditioner that it doesn’t produce any cold air, but it only removes the heat from your room.

Now, we know that the refrigerant is a key component of any air-conditioning system, as it performs the most important role in the air-conditioning cycle. Thus, there’s nothing wrong in saying that the lack of a sufficient refrigerant charge in your air conditioner can easily force you to hire AC repair Pompano Beach technicians. This is simply because the breakdown chances are much higher when the refrigerant charge in an air conditioner gets lower than a certain level, which leaves you with no option other than scheduling a professional AC repair Pompano Beach session.

Choosing the Right Time for Refrigerant Refilling

If you are still reading, then you probably want to know the right time to refill the refrigerant in an air conditioner. There’s no fixed time for the refrigerant refilling because there’s no way the refrigerant can escape out of the machine unless there are some leaks present in the system. So basically, you might need to refill the refrigerant in your air conditioner if it’s continuously spilling out of the machine.

How to Know If the Refrigerant is Spilling Out of Your AC?

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s not that difficult to spot a refrigerant leak because it produces a whistling sound when the refrigerant line has some leaks in it. Apart from that, ice-formation over the refrigerant line is also a sign indicating towards leaking refrigerant. Hence, the right time for refrigerant refilling is when it gets lower than the required level.

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