Pandemic, not a deterrent to reaching out to Law Firm in St.Albans

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In an article in the law journal an eminent lawyer from the law firm speaks on how law firms have prepared themselves to support the clients. A wide network of offices has made it possible for clients to access legal services legal services safely and quickly in this pandemic period at St.Albans. He reiterates how they are looking to support the clients in times of operational and financial challenges. He stresses the need for a creative, collaborative, and flexible approach for moving forward.

Relationships and safety at the core

We are aware that the current scenario is stressful for our clients. However, software updation has prevented any negative impact caused by the uptick in remote access that has happened instantaneously. We tested the readiness of our system by working from home. Since then we have come a long way in ensuring that are data security measures are in order and stress-tested as well. Our world class systems are equipped to handle the workload be it the business with IP office or attending hearings via video conferencing. This preparedness has enabled us to to attend to matters once the courts adopted video conferencing mode says, “the senior lawyer”.

Future and the challenges it holds

Safety and health remain the top priority till the covid-19 situation is under control. However, we are keen in equipping ourselves by developing contingency plans that would address short and long term disruptions to the normal business. We have evolved as a team that can stay connected over video calls to discuss the cases and harness the benefits of the digital platform to protect the rights of our clients. this has enabled us to stay connected with our clients and team members. Knowledge sharing has brought us together as a team.

We have been able to adopt a creative and flexible approach to pass through this unprecedented times. We have adapted excellently to the new normal. It has indeed been a fruitful opportunity to explore the possibility for working from home. We as a team look forward to meeting our clients in person in the near future!

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