Squid Game ending explained and all your burning questions answered

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“So there’s a theory in Squid Game where Gi-Hun picked the blue card from the salesman (Gong Yoo) and then woke up in a blue suit as a player,” one tweet notes. “Had he or the other players picked the red card, they would be the workers/guards.”

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In Squid Game, the disturbing but intriguing Netflix hit about a deadly tournament of children’s games, the competition winds to a bloody resolution. Season 2 is in the works (according to the creator), but in the meantime, many questions are left hanging as the ninth and final episode of season 1 closes. Here are answers to eight burning Squid Game questions you may have after watching the dystopian Korean series.


After falling 3% in 2020, its sharpest contraction in 11 years, the economy has recovered to pre-pandemic levels.
The central bank expects the economy to expand by 4.0%-4.5% this year, while the economy ministry predicts a 4.2% growth. (Reporting by Darya Korsunskaya; Writing by Andrey Ostroukh; Editing by Alison Williams)

And let’s talk about the brothers. Police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) infiltrates the game, hunting for his missing brother In-ho. Jun-ho escapes the game compound but is seemingly killed by The Front Man, who’s kind of the manager of the game. And The Front Man is revealed to be … Jun-ho’s missing brother, who we already learned won the game in 2015.

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The company recently went public on the London Stock Exchange, intending to raise around £300million to fund its expansion plans and potentially enter new markets, including infrastructure and real estate, and boost investor returns.

And it might not even be a single comic, because the director told the Korea Herald that he “read a lot of comics, and was mesmerized by survival games.” So until Hwang comes out and names some of his reading material, guesses are all we have. It seems likely that Squid Game will now be turned into book form since it’s such a hit. Keep an eye on those bookstore shelves.

This has come amidst a surge of IPOs in the UK, such as greeting cards seller Moonpig, bootmaker Dr Martens and payments app Wise, which had the largest ever listing by a technology firm on the London Stock Exchange with a value of over £8billion when it debuted on July 7.

Squid Game’s director said at a press conference that only the first game in the film is similar to his show and that he had been working on his concept for years before As The Gods Will came out in 2014.

Warning: The following story includes huge spoilers for Squid Game, so if you haven’t watched all the episodes, come back and read this after you’re done. You really don’t want to be spoiled for some of the plot twists.

Bridgepoint currently owns the exclusive right to the Burger King brand in the UK and has around 150 of the hamburger chain’s outlets under its control, including 17 it bought from Essex-based franchisee Zing Leisure back in May.


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9. Is there more to explore in Squid Game? Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk told The Hollywood Reporter that he intentionally left season one’s ending open-ended, but because he thought that was “good closure” for the story.

It turns out the banks have all of our money. Sure, that’s obvious — and yet we don’t always draw the connections between where we keep our savings and investments and how those deposits are deployed in the real world. That’s why we may be surprised to learn that, since 2016, the world’s banks have used nearly $4 trillion of our funds to finance fossil fuel projects, according to a Rainforest Action Network study.

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