Which are the most famous Indian foods known for their healthiness?

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Whenever you’ll go to an Indian restaurant in Terrigal and try to order healthy Indian food, then there are sure shot chances that you will get confused. There are so many variations in Indian food based on the factors that it becomes difficult to choose one or a few.


So in this article, we are going to mention a few of the healthy Indian foods as per the famous chefs practising in the Indian restaurant in Sydney.



In India, Yoghurt is known as Dahi. Because of its salient consistency to bring about a change in the quality as per the response to the climate, it is highly appreciated by the nutritionists. There is a presence of a large number of good bacteria in it which helps to digest the food.


Leafy Vegetables

It is because of the presence of green vegetables that Indian food is considered the most healthy kind of food. Being loaded with the following nutritional elements, these help to prevent a lot of the disease which do also involves cancer:

  • Vitamin K
  • Iron



Eggs may not come up as an option for vegetarian people, but those who are not restricted to consume can enjoy a great load of proteins. The egg yolk contains the immense labels of good cholesterol, so if you are consuming the entire egg, then you are making your body supplied with the greatly required nutritional elements.


Rice and Flour

As we know, people in India do consume white rice in three great qualities. But they should consider switching their preferences to brown rice. Also, do not go for the naan, bhatura or puris. Instead, try to have the chapatis made with whole wheat flour. Brown rice and wheat are great sources of good quality fibre. These are not only high in proteins but they are extensively rich in Vitamin B.



The vegetarian people who are restricted to consume meat products usually fulfil the protein requirement of the body with the paneer. Since it is a dairy product, then we can expect the calcium levels in it which are accountable for strengthening the bonds present in our bodies. It is also highly rich in the conjugated linoleic acid.



Apart from adding spiciness and flavours to the dish, the spices do have so many herbal and remedial properties like Haldi is known to be having the best antiseptic properties.



The pungent smelling ingredient when put in any dish makes the dish come out with vast flavours. Garlic contains a compound that does have great properties. If the garlic is consumed on a daily basis, then it may emerge extremely helpful in lowering cholesterol levels.


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