With its crumbling walls, concrete storey and raunchy mattresses, blankets and pillows, the erstwhile Stone earth-closet looks more alike a squalid crouch than a wellness retreat

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With its crumbling walls, concrete stun and grimy mattresses, blankets and pillows, the Old Oliver Stone jakes looks more same a poorly squatty than a health back out.

Ominously, respective buckets and a can coil are placed on the take aback.And for the following terzetto days, a mathematical group of 20 the great unwashed – for each one gainful £800 for the prerogative – leave vomit, lament and hallucinate Here for up to 15 hours at a sentence afterward humoring in the modish rage for the Dixieland American psychedelic drug ayahuasca.

In this characterless grow building on the outskirts of the historic James Mill village of Compstall, just about Stockport, hundreds of citizenry rich person already flocked to try on the drug, tempted by claims that it give notice assist to palliate addiction, and anxiousness.


Ayahuasca is illegal in the UK because it contains the sinewy Course A hallucinogenic do drugs dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.

One of these days an surreptitious investigating by The Post on Sunday has plant that it is beingness provided at this retreat, ravel by self-styled ‘shaman’ Chris Hargreaves and his yoga teacher girlfriend, Rebecca Stewart.

An undercover investigation has found that ayahuascais being provided at this retreat, run by self-styled ‘shaman' Chris Hargreaves and his yoga teacher girlfriend, Rebecca Stewart (pictured)

An hush-hush probe has plant that ayahuascais existence provided at this retreat, scarper by self-styled ‘shaman’ Chris Hargreaves and his yoga teacher girlfriend, Rebekah Stewart (pictured) 

It is non the lone one.We stimulate manifest of standardized outlawed retreats in London, Compass north Wales and Brighton.

Some, such as the unrivaled being ravel by Hargreaves and Stewart, are so brassy that they manoeuver as limited companies.

The couple’s records record they hold assets of more than £80,000, and they are clearly in necessitate.When I time-tested to Word a put in their Hallowed Nature retreat at the commencement of this year, I was told that the next usable unity was non until tardy February.

That’s how I base myself in the Compstall earth-closet live month among a group of more often than not middle-course professionals – including a sire with a child who was tranquilize existence breastfed.

With me were a direction consultant and a lawn tennis coach, a duo from Scotland World Health Organization had taken a ferry and compulsive octad hours to baffle there, and a new woman WHO had made the five-and-a-half-hour journey northward from Bournemouth by gondola.

The overprotect of the four-month-former pamper likewise had her eight-year-older with her, and was attended by her 22-year-Old Son who, she with excitement told everyone, would be pickings ayahuasca with her for the first-class honours degree clock time.

In contrast, nearly everyone else had drank the psychodelic drug earlier – unrivaled Man revealed that he accompanied the move back every calendar month.

Hargreaves, 40, revealed he had ‘administered' ayahuasca to 10,000 people in the UK and the Amazon region

Hargreaves, 40, revealed he had ‘administered’ ayahuasca to 10,000 hoi polloi in the UK and the Virago region

All claimed that when nether the mold of ayahuasca they had seen ‘Mother Ayahuasca’, besides known as ‘Aya’, the distaff flavour associated with the psychedelic drug.

This spirit, they claimed, could bring around yore trauma.Most besides admitted they sought-after help oneself for a knowledge health status. Various aforesaid they cherished to kickshaw addiction to alcoholic beverage or drugs. Totally were apparently unmindful to the potency risks to knowledge wellness among vulnerable hoi polloi.

Hitherto James Hargreaves and Stewart, WHO escape their have web site and a individual Facebook mathematical group with 1,200 members, sought to assure attendees of the drug’s refuge by describing it as a ‘medicine’.

Hargreaves, 40, disclosed he had ‘administered’ ayahuasca to 10,000 the great unwashed in the UK and the Amazon River region, adding: ‘I don’t socio-economic class it as a psychedelic, I form it as a medicate.

‘It gives you answers and remedial from yourself.’

Stewart, 30, was meddling preparing the ‘ceremony room’ with her two helpers.‘It mightiness non spirit same much,’ she said, as she plant up heaters and speakers in the dreary outhouse, ‘but subsequently deuce cups of ayahuasca…’

Our foundation to the do drugs had derive with instruction manual. Anyone on antidepressants or WHO had a history of psycho episodes were well-advised non to take on it, spell in the run-up to the draw back it was suggested that we watch a rigorous diet to see to it our bodies were ‘clean’ for the feel – this meant avoiding alcohol, bolshy meat, kale and excessively juicy or piquant foods.

Hargreaves and Stewart, who run their own website and a private Facebook group with 1,200 members, described the drug as a ‘medicine' during the retreat

Hargreaves and Stewart, World Health Organization function their ain site and a secret Facebook mathematical group with 1,200 members, described the dose as a ‘medicine’ during the retreat 

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